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Fix Your Sidewalk with the Shared Cost Sidewalk Program

The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program is a voluntary program in which property owners and the City of Chicago share the cost of replacing sidewalks. 

Through the Shared Cost Sidewalk program, owners pay part of the cost of replacing the sidewalk in front of their property, or on both sides of a corner property, and courtesy walks. The City pays the other part of that cost, as well as for any extra required work, such as ADA-compliant ramps. Property owners pay a set square foot cost: $3. Qualifying senior citizens and those with disabilities pay half that rate: $1.50. The approximate cost to a homeowner of an average mid-block property will range from $500 to $1,000. Those prices are significantly below what a private company would charge.

Please print this information for your neighbors who aren't on-line and encourage them to consider signing up for this program.  Sign up any time after January 1, 2011 by calling 311.

Posted in Housing and Historic Preservation

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