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Princess Closet - Awards It's First 2 Scholarships

When Cinderella wanted to go to the ball and didn't have a dress to wear, she wished so hard that her fairy godmother appeared and helped make her dreams come true. 

The Princess Closet was established in 2010 for the young ladies in high schools across the state of Illinois. We like to think of ourselves as their fairy godmothers, providing them with the means to fullfill a dream that will remain a bright and beautiful memory for many years beyond graduation.  In addition to providing all the prom attire and accessories needed to transform hundreds of young ladies into the belles of the ball, the Princess Closet also awards two Scholarships to strongly encourage higher education.  

The Princess Closet understands that families experience many expenses during their daughters last year of high school and the current state of economic affairs has put even more strain on our bank accounts.  Families shouldn't have to tell their daughters, "sorry, we can't afford this."  It should be a night for all young ladies to feel like a princess.  To experience the magic of the Princess Closet, all we ask our young ladies is to bring a student ID-then, they can be transformed into the princesses that we already know they are!

On August 28, 2011, The Princess Closet will be awarding 2 scholarships... Can you attend the event to cover the story?  or can we send you pictures and you can do a story? Let me know...

Maria Davalos


Posted in Schools and Education

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